What type of bagpipes do you play?


The main instrument I play is the Great Highland Bagpipes. I also play the Scottish Smallpipes. The Smallpipes can be great for playing indoors or with other instruments or on stage in front of a mic since they are not too loud. For a completely different performance, I play the Uilleann Pipes.


What do you wear to an event?

I always wear a kilt and highland attire. I usually just dress in slacks and a collared shirt for jobs asking for the Uilleann Pipes.


What are some good ideas for piping a wedding?

Usually I tell my customers that I will do whatever they wish during a wedding set up, but when asked what I think would be good, I usually input things such as:

  • Piping outside or inside before the wedding
  • Piping while the guests are seated
  • Piping in the bride
  • Walking in front or behind the bride and groom as they exit together as husband and wife
  • Piping as the bride and groom drive away together
  • Piping during the reception, or even playing something romantic for the bride and groom’s first dance


What are some good ideas for a funeral?

  • Piping near the gravesite as guests arrive or as the casket is being escorted
  • Playing before or after the eulogy
  • Playing a hymn or any other tune for the family and friends to sing along to
  • Playing and slowly walking off into the distance, making the melodies fade off at the end of a service


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Is it difficult to learn how to play the bagpipes?

It is very difficult and takes quite a bit of patience and focus to learn.


How much does a bagpipe cost?

It usually depends on what it is made of and who made it. They can be anywhere from $800 to $10,000.


What do you charge?

I have a set rate for the DFW area since it is local. I charge my set rate, plus gas and distance to perform anywhere else.