Jared Malone - the Bagpiper

A piper you can count on


Instruments available


Great Highland Bagpipes - Known for their rich sound, the Great Highland Bagpipes are perfect for playing at outdoor venues. Two of the most common events they are requested for are weddings and funerals.

Scottish Smallpipes - The perfect alternative to the Highland Bagpipe. They are an indoor instrument with a pleasing tone.

Weddings, Funerals, Events or special events

I am available for just about any event you would like. Weddings, funerals, church services, Burns suppers, golf tournaments and birthday parties. I live in Dallas and will travel up to 350 miles for your event. 

A piper you can count on

If you're not sure what music you would like played at your event, I'm the bagpiper for you. I will be happy to make recommendations. I have experience with what most people want for certain events and I will work with you to customize your musical tastes. I know your event is important to you and that makes it important to me. I am very time oriented, and assure you that I will be there when you need me. 



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My phone is always on and ready to help. If I'm not available for a date, I will make sure you get a qualified, vetted piper's name to help you.

Jared Malone

215 River Fern Ave - Apt P2-2440, Garland, Tx. 75040

214-704-9063 or malonepiper@hotmail.com