Frequently Asked Questions




  • What do you wear to an event? A kilt along with all of the other highland gear, unless specifically told not to. 
  • What are some good ideas for piping a wedding? Usually I tell my customers that I will do whatever they wish during a wedding set up, but when asked what I think would be good, I usually input things such as: 
    • Piping outside or inside before the wedding, piping while the guests are seated 
    • Piping in the bride 
    • Walking in front or behind the bride and groom as they exit together as husband and wife 
    • Piping as the bride and groom drive away together 
    • Piping during the reception, or even playing something romantic for the bride and groom’s first dance
  • What are some good ideas for a funeral? 
    • Piping near the graveside as guests arrive or as the casket is being escorted
    • Playing before or after the eulogy
    • Playing a hymn or any other tune for the family and friends to sing along to
    • Playing and slowly walking off into the distance, making the melodies fade off at the end of a service
  • Is it difficult to learn how to play the bagpipes? It is very difficult and takes quite a bit of patience and focus to learn
  • How much does a bagpipe cost? It usually depends on what it is made of and who made it. They can be anywhere from $800 to $10,000.
  • What do you charge? I have a set rate for the DFW area since it is local. I charge my set rate, plus gas and distance to perform anywhere else.
  • How far are you willing to go to perform? I’m really willing to go just about anywhere as long as air fare is paid provided, but when driving, my usual limit is anywhere in Texas or the bordering states.
  • What tartan do you wear? I wear either the Duncan Ancient Tartan, Lyon College Tartan or County Sligo Tartan.
  • Are you Scottish or Irish? A little bit of both, but I’m mostly of Irish ancestry.

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